Triple Diesel Grade A

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Strain Information

Hybrid - 50% Sativa /50% Indica.        THC: 22%

Triple Diesel marijuana strain is a potent sativa-dominant weed strain that gives the collective power of Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel, and Strawberry Diesel. That means the strain delivers a focused head high at mild doses and a deeply relaxing head high at larger doses. The THC content of this weed strain can reach 22%, making it easily one of the strongest cannabis strains out there. More so, Triple Diesel weed strain tastes and smells exactly like diesel fuel, with a pungent aroma and a chemical smell/flavor. Triple Diesel is a strain engineered for maximum pungency. This sativa-dominant bud is a cross between Sour Diesel, Strawberry Diesel, and NYC Diesel. Along with a powerful, gasoline-tinged aroma, it offers an initially stimulated high that tapers off into full-bodied relaxation. This strain’s THC content has been measured at between 13% and 22%.

This strain provides a massive mood boost, making it ideal for people with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. The high can also be relaxing and decidedly euphoric. Aside from mood disorders and anxiety, Triple Diesel works well on ADHD, PTSD, and migraine headaches. This strain is most popular in Colorado and Oregon, though it can be a little hard to find in other parts of the country. The exact balance between sativa and indica is unknown, but it has a lot more sativa than indica in it. In moderation, Triple Diesel is a great backdrop to a busy day, but in larger doses the high can be somewhat psychedelic. Triple Diesel sets itself apart with large and well-formed flowers. The buds tend to have a densely-packed indica structure and hold a pointy, spadelike shape. The strain’s leaves range from pale sea green to a darker, more mossy color; sometimes, phenotypes also show off patches of pale purple, a phenomenon that occurs when pigments called anthocyanins are stimulated by colder than average weather. Finally, these chunky nuggets are coated in a blanket of sticky white trichomes that account for their psychoactivity.

Triple Diesel Weed has inherited high concentrations of the terpenes humulene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene, contributing to its signature diesel scent. As such, there’s an unmistakable odor of gasoline floating on top of these flowers with some sweet and metallic hints. Closer inspection reveals some earthy, woodsy scent as well. Meanwhile, grinding up the buds gives off whiffs of spice. When burnt, Triple Diesel for sale gives off a very harsh smoke that may tickle the sinuses and make the eyes water. This smoke leaves behind some dank, diesel fumes on the exhale. Buy Triple Diesel Weed Online, Order Triple Diesel Weed Online