Juicy Fruit Cannabis Oil

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Juicy Fruit Cannabis Oil

Strain type: Hybrid

Oil Extraction Method: Sub-critical CO2

Total THC: (THC + THCa): 51.82%

Total CBD: (CBD + CBDa): 0.56%

Total Cannabinoids: 58.80%

Price: $45

Minimum Order Quantity :8 grams

Labeled for its bouquet of fruity smell,this near-even balance of sativa and indica tastes and smells very much like fruit punch and lemon. Some users describe the flavors as closer to piña colada and plums. The THC levels can reach up to 20%, providing for a powerful combination of head and body buzz. Juicy Fruit strain contains about 1% CBD, meanwhile, making it a better-than-average choice for users who experience anxiety or other symptoms that respond to CBD. Growers cultivated this strain by crossing an original Afghani indica with a pure Thai sativa strains, a process that resulted in a 55:45 sativa/indica ratio respectively.The strain high, which can be quite strong, is intensely euphoric, a mix of physical relaxation and cerebral mood boost.

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