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Strain Highlights

Hybrid - 50% Sativa /50% Indica 
THC: 1% - 6%, CBD: 20%

We have ACDC weed for sale in our store. ACDC marijuana strain has a high level Sativa content, which is why it produces a strong Sativa high on the user's body. The weed strain has a very low THC level that ranges from 0.42 percent to 1.2 percent. Its CBD to THC ratio is 20:1 respectively. This shows that ACDC does not produce any psychoactive effects on the smoker's system. This strain is a cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic. Both these strains are added in an equal ratio to produce ACDC. ACDC weed strain has a strange but pleasant taste which is a mixture of skunk, sweet and earthy flavors. The cannabis strain's aroma is quite similar and is quite pungent with a hint of sweet and earthy scents combined. It has an aroma and taste  that have a citrus flavor as well. Our clients can now buy marijuana online without a medical card.

ACDC Weed For Sale. The smell of ACDC is earthy, sweet, and skunky and some may taste a hint of fruit. When smoking the herb, users may be able to detect the cherry and lemongrass scent better. The buds are tight but fluffy and the color is green with orange hairs. Look for different delivery methods such as capsules, teas, tinctures, and lotions. Recreational users should pass this one by as its profile is more like hemp. Medical patients, especially those with severe disorders like epilepsy, should definitely try it. Medical conditions that ACDC may alleviate include cancer, alcoholism, seizures, and severe pain. Patients with less severe conditions also use this strain.

Buy ACDC Weed Online. Because of its higher CBD content, ACDC might be helpful for edible bakers who want to minimize the risk of intense side effects. An early study at New York University's Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center studied a preparation of CBD in an agent called Epidiolex. Investigators found that the drug was safe, well-tolerated, and effective. Due to the balance in Sativa/Indica, which may edge towards a Sativa, users should feel an uplifting effect including euphoria, peace, and happiness. You may feel more focused and more sociable. Some have described the sensation as completely relaxing without a worry on the horizon.

Order ACDC Weed Online. Growers can expect a bushy plant with thin, feathery leaves that may grow as high as four feet. It looks and grows like a skunk variety with big colas. The leaves may turn a bit purple and the nugs are about the size of a thumb. Flowering happens in 9 to 10 weeks, longer in colder environments. Expect to spend some time maintaining the plant, which will earn an average yield. Prop up and brace the plant, providing it a platform to develop. Supplement its diet with minerals such as magnesium and calcium.