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Residence Bill 2107 would have given a number of patients use of whole herb medical marijuana. Filed by Rep. Eddie Lucio 3 (D-Brownsville) and co-authored by Rep. Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs), support for the bill was bi-partisan.

In the course of the Texas GOP’s 2016 state convention, delegates identified in favor of helping medical marijuana and it is officially in the party’s platform. Republicans at present hold 95 seats in the Texas House of Representatives, and at one point during the treatment, this area of the platform was distributed to my workplace of every Republican.

A group called Mothers Advocating Medical Weed for Autism (MAMMA) was obviously a fixture at the polish capitol during the 2017, eighty fifth legislative session. Parents of children with assorted varieties of autism, they hit with staffers and legislators, and certain made a sizable impact on the quantity of congress who became sympathetic to the cause of medical cannabis. At one point both Rep. Lucio and Rep. Isaac praised the group from the floor of the House for their work.

At one point a household made the front page of the Dallas Morning News about treating their daughter who has autism and desapasionado palsy with vaporized weed. The next week active supporters and workers delivered that edition of the paper to the office of every express lawmaker.

Veterans also went to the capitol, and provided a press conference recommending lawmakers to pass a medical marijuana law.

Different polls taken in recent years show support for medical marijuana among Texans at over per cent, and over 80 pct country wide.

Despite this, HB 2107 has not been heard in panel until exactly a few days before the deadline to have all legislation slated for a hearing and vote by the full House. It also got thousands of emails and phone calls to make the hearing happen.

Following an emotional hearing on Tuesday which lasted until practically 2: 00 was, a surge of lawmakers signed on for the bill. Out of the House’s 150 members, seventy seven decided that the costs and those it would help was worth helping; this meant there were enough votes to move the legislation.

This support did not come without concessions however.

Patients lost the ability to develop their plants at home, something which would greatly affect those who have financial hardships or issues traveling. Other clauses were taken off the bill as well, including “protection of parental rights for those using or administering medical cannabis; protects patients from being charged with paraphernalia; caps licensing fees at $5, 000. ” Presently there was also a terms added which states cannabis must be administered by a means other than smoking.

Shortly after the hearing, legislators started getting an overwhelming amount of emails and phone phone calls urging them to election on the bill before it was too past due. On Friday the expenses was voted on and exceeded out of the General public Health Committee on a 7-2 vote. Following that it was sent to the Calendars Committee, who chooses when and if expenses passed out of committee are heard by the full House.

In 2015, a similar bill was left to die in committee by then-chair, previous Rep. Myra Crownover (R-Denton), as she refused to hold a vote on the legislation. Despite voting against HB 2107, Public well-being Committee Chair Four Cost (R-Amarillo) allowed a election to take place.

Heather Fazio with Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, a coalition group who has had a continuous existence at the state capitol this season, say’s that while Rep. Price did not at first see HB 2107 as a priority, or even something he required to act on, he might have had a big change of heart.